September 2021 Networth Update

So with three months to go till the end of the year, I’ve decided to make my goals a little more realistic. Here’s a quick rundown on how I am tracking for September.

The biggest setback this month was probably getting a valuation with a bank that’s $10k lower than the original desktop valuation which I had used in my previous update.

Nevertheless, we are trending up from August and I’m still on track for my big $300k by the end of the year!


Stocks: $23k ($30k goal by the end of the year)

Property: $580k ($161k equity with $170k goal by the end of the year)

Superannuation: $58k ($65k goal by the end of the year)

✨ Cash: $5k (goal is to have $10k in emergency funds)

Crypto: $6.5k (no additional allocation for this year)

Car: $30k


HECS: – $15k (goal is to have this paid off by the end of next year)

Home Loan: – $419k (this debt is only going to get bigger in the coming months as I look to secure IP #2)

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