The Fastest Way to Build Netwealth: A Leveraging Guide for Millennials

The Fastest Way to Build Netwealth: A Leveraging Guide for Millennials

If there’s anything millennials love more than avocado toast, it’s a crash course on leveraging finance to increase net wealth. Let’s dive into the witty and sarcastic world of financial leverage, where the only thing scarier than student loans is not maximising your capital. Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride! In this… Continue reading

Discovering My Top 5 Spending Habits in September

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Ever wondered where your money goes each month? Dive into a detailed breakdown of my top spending habits in September, from essential bills to luxurious travels and discretionary indulgences. Plus, discover a tool that can help you gain insights into your own financial journey. Read on to find out more!

A Startup Rollercoaster: My First Year After Leaving the Corporate World

Leaving behind the comfort and stability of my corporate job to join a startup was one of the most exciting and daunting decisions I have ever made. As I reflect on my first year at the startup, I have experienced tremendous growth, unexpected challenges, and incredible opportunities. Here’s a glimpse into my journey over the… Continue reading

Chasing Dreams Down Under: A Sydney-Born Asian’s Quest for FIRE and Adventure.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where I share my personal journey towards financial independence and early retirement (FIRE). I’m a proud Australia-born Asian who grew up in the bustling and diverse suburb of Western Sydney, NSW. I’m excited to have you along for the ride as I strive to achieve my goals,… Continue reading